Quality and tradition in every ingredient

With a modern, casual ambiance, Bráz Trattoria features a cantina kitchen with Bossa Nova cuisine. It has the simplicity and comfort of an Italian home in a room with a ceiling 12 meters (39 feet) high and with large windows that provide a unique view of the city. The restaurant offers simple new takes on the comfort food an Italian grandmother would cook with her heart.


Shopping Cidade Jardim - 4º Floor
Av. Magalhães de Castro, 12000
Morumbi - SP

11 3198-9435

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday:
12h - 15h / 18h30 - 23h
12h - 15h / 18h30 - 00h
12h - 00h
12h - 22h

 Get to know Bráz Trattoria’s sisters

Exploring ingredients, inspiring new recipes, a touch of hospitality in every detail. With 20 years of history, ranking among the 10 best pizza places in the world — according to a list by newspapers The Guardian and Corriere della Sera — Bráz is passionate about pizza. Just like you.

A shock from three beautiful schools of pizza making. We went from São Paulo to New York, with a stopover in Naples. Pure electricity, clean, young energy without limitations. The genetic combination of Bráz and the DNA of Brooklyn, NY, gave rise to a hyperactive, fun-loving, opinionated sister. A new pizza is born.